Altruism Coupled with Strategy Is the Key

Ken Kurson is someone who recognizes the value of doing good no matter the environment. Advocacy and activism invigorates the spirit in a way unlike any other. The culmination of any series of peaceful demonstrations and social campaign has to ultimately be actionable change, that is quantifiable. That’s really the key – and that is a subject that has not been discussed in as great length as it  should be. How do we not only rally people in a way that inspires a movement; but how is it  that we leverage that momentum into substantive policy changes that our lawmakers respond to? 

Ken Kurson worked in politics for an extensive period of time. He recognizes the value of advocacy in a wide array of different contexts. But what is really the recipe to a successful movement? The answer lies with not only the people that movement inspires; but perhaps even more importantly, the change that subsequently follows. That change can be easily measured – but the most impactful and meaningful change will take the form of policy proposals, prescriptions and legislation. 

Our lawmakers ultimately need to see a unification of thought and feelings among the general public coalescing in a way that leads them to want to respond in a constructive fashion. Public pressure is what leads to political change. There’s a reason that the lobbying industry is as successful and lucrative a practice as it  is. The reason is that lobbyists’ services are ultimately in demand because their role is to advocate for their client and his or her related interest against the majority or monopolies that may exist, depending on the industry. 

Lobbyists certainly don’t have the best of reputations in our society; and our culture seeks to dehumanize them, in a way that’s rather unbecoming. But the reality is that lobbying is one of the most effective ways to generate real and substantive legislative changes on a policy level. Laws are created everyday; and drafted, based on the work and advocacy of lobbyists working across party lines. Perhaps, it’s the one common thread among our two parties, even in this ever-so polarizing environment that is Washington, D.C. in the Trump era. 

Lobbying doesn’t merely have to take a commercial context though. Instead, it can be a very meaningful way to enact policy change. For instance, there are many political action groups that will advocate on behalf of their pet projects or policy interests in Washington, on a consistent basis, in order to effectuate meaningful change. Similarly, rally-goers can keep this in mind. Their expressions of hope for change are inspiring – and there is no equivocation or doubt about that. But in the end of the day, policymakers should be approached in the halls of Congress, and in their respective state capitols, in order to create a momentum of change that is lasting, impactful and durable. 

Ken Kurson published many thoughts on this subject; and his made his views clear. We need to come together and unite in the face of adversity. There is no spirit more potent or powerful than the American spirit. Nothing can beat us, when we come together around a meaningful cause. America is truly a melting pot of talented and skilled people who genuinely and sincerely wish to contribute to the public interest in a constructive manner. Here lies the beauty of the great experiment of democracy that is the United States of America.