4 Characteristics of an Innovative Compounding Pharmacy

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The key to a successful innovative compounding pharmacy is the ability to be flexible and knowledgeable about what each and every purpose a medication serves.  Why would one consider going to a compounding pharmacy versus a traditional one? For one simple reason, we are all human yet we are also unique from person to person.  Though you may share the same ailment as the person next to you, how your body reacts and the other underlying conditions you may have also contribute to the way medications can affect you.  

While a compounding pharmacy is not as prevalent as the common drugstore, when you locate a trusted one, know that you will receive the most specialized care available.  A highly skilled and trained compound pharmacist should be able to cohesively work with your physician to fully understand your needs and devise a treatment plan which is tailored specifically for you.  Here are 4 key characteristics that differentiate an innovative compounding pharmacy from it’s mainstream counterparts:

  • Providing a unique approach to medicinal care by crafting personalized formulas based on each person’s specific needs.  It includes combining and re-adjusting dosages based on every client’s medical condition.  
  • Utilize state of the art technology and research to safely and effectively formulate specialized treatment patients.    
  • Treat a slew of conditions such as hormone replacement, veterinary, pain management, HIV, pet medications, infectious diseases and organ transplant recipients amongst other ailments.  
  • It can be ordered online and delivered to your door.  Because of the close relationships, a compounding pharmacy has with a patient’s doctor, they are able to act as a trusted liaison which allows them to have these unique medications delivered directly to you.  

Every individual’s needs vary, even when diagnosed with the same condition.  Coupled with the possibility of having multiple conditions within the same patient, having the ability to create personalized medicinal care is key to providing the best treatment available.  Many times, doctors have to do a bit of trial and error when it comes to prescriptions because they are not certain how a patient’s body will react.  When you include specially trained compounding pharmacists in your treatment plan, it’s essentially getting double the medical attention.  Pain management is critical in the healing process, and can sometimes give adverse reactions when the dosage is too high.  A compound pharmacist has the ability to take a deeper dive into your treatment and work with your doctor to ensure that you receive care in a manner that hopefully eliminates the issue without causing any additional problems.  

Knowing you have a medical problem can be an intimidating diagnosis, but coupled with a lack of knowledge when it comes to prescription drugs and your anxiety can increase exponentially.  Not every treatment will be the key to success, it may take some trial and error, some research, some knowledge of your health history to get it right.  Which is why it is so important to trust not just your doctor, but your pharmacist to guide you in the right direction.  Trusting in these professionals to give the most tailored treatment plan is a step in the right direction in managing what ails you.  Their unique expertise in truly comprehending how specific medications react when paired with others offers patients an added level of care that you simply are not likely to receive when patronizing a traditional drugstore.  

Look for establishments that have a reputation of working with physicians in providing the very best pharmaceutical practices.  Flexibility is part of this dedicated service, you should be able to obtain the proper medications in any method that you need.  It is what makes this service stand out amongst its competitors.