Adapted Nutrition: a Keto Diet’s Best Friend, Here’s Why

Keto food on white background. Keto concept

The keto diet has been getting a lot of attention recently. Perhaps you heard about the success of a celebrity or about how popular the diet is becoming and you thought about giving it a try. 

Maybe you have a friend on the keto diet and you are impressed by their weight loss and would like to try it yourself. The keto diet is a great way to lose weight, and Adapted Nutrition can help. Here’s what you need to know about why Adapted Nutrition is a keto diet’s best friend.

What is Ketosis and how can Supplements Help?

Ketosis occurs when your body moves into a different metabolic state as it uses fat for its main source of fuel instead of carbs. Most people need to eat as few as 50 grams of carbs or less consistently in order to achieve Ketosis. Some people may achieve it while still consuming more carbs, while others will need to consume even fewer. 

Adapted Nutrition supplements can help you achieve Ketosis and handle negative symptoms more easily. Unlike many other supplements, Adapted Nutrition supplements do not have sugar or carbs which will break you out of Ketosis or affect your ketosis cycle. That means that you can utilize supplements and enjoy the following benefits no matter where you are on your ketosis cycle. 

Stay hydrated

As your body adapts the keto diet, you may find it challenging to remain consistently hydrated, especially if you are also exercising a lot. A supplement that is high in potassium helps your body to replenish your body’s moisture and rejuvenate cellular energy to keep you hydrated. 

In order for your cells to hold moisture and use water in processes, they need the capacity to absorb and quickly move water through your system. Potassium can help your cells to do this. Look for other trace minerals like zinc as well, to keep your body well balanced with essential vitamins even as you drink more water while you exercise. 

Suppress Appetite

Once you are in Ketosis, your appetite will likely diminish. However, leading up to Ketosis, your body will probably crave carbs and calories. The right supplements can suppress your appetite so that you will be less likely to cheat. 

They can also help you to regain Ketosis after you’ve cheated with a carb-heavy meal or drink. Ketones are an excellent way to suppress your appetite while simultaneously increasing your endurance and energy.

Muscle Recovery

The right balance of nutrients and electrolytes helps your body to turn protein into muscle. Not only will this enable you to build more muscle, but it will help your muscles to recover when they are damaged and ripped during vigorous exercise. By providing your body with all the electrolytes that it needs to rehydrate, you can avoid muscle cramps and fatigue.

Maintain Immune System

Supplements can improve the functioning of your immune system, which is important when you are stressing your body with a significant diet change like the keto diet. Your immune system may be weakened as you get the keto flu, making it much more likely that you will catch a cold or flu. 

The last thing that you want to do is to experience the transition into the keto diet at the same time as you have to deal with a cold or flu. It is important to maintain a great immune system while you are transitioning into the keto diet. Supplements can help. 

Choose High-Quality Adapted Nutrition Supplements

The supplements that you choose matter. The wrong supplement can give you an unexpected dose of carbs or sugar that will throw you off your Ketosis. The last thing that you want is to negatively affect your keto diet while you’re trying to help. That’s why you should choose high-quality additive for supplements like those offered by Adapted Nutrition