What are the benefits of CoQ10

Winneconne, WI - 23 August 2018: A bottle of Garden of Life raw CoQ10 supplement on an isolated background

Health and wellness has become a massive business in the United States and around the world as more and more people have learned about the benefits of a good diet, exercise, and supplementation. For Americans, the problem they face is not access to the right vitamins and supplements, but rather choosing the right ones. Even your local grocery store features and isle with shelf-to-shelf vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, and everything else you could need to fill an entire room. There are certain supplements, though, that stand out. Among them is CoQ10. Here is what you need to know about the benefits of CoQ10.

Heart Health

Of all CoQ10’s potential benefits, it’s most known as a supplement for heart health. Several studies have shown a possible link between taking CoQ10 supplements and decreased chance of death in patients with coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular ailments.

Cardiovascular problems are one of the leading causes of death and health issues both in the United States and around the world. Many medicines and other solutions have been tried over the years, but it seems that the main thing most individuals can do to avoid heart problems lies in not doing certain things. For example, not overeating and becoming overweight or not smoking have been shown to have a tremendous impact on people’s cardiovascular health, as well as on the health of their overall bodies.

Other than things people should not do, exercise and certain types of supplementation fall into the category of things they should. The right supplementation usually involves taking natural or naturally occurring supplements like CoQ10.

CoQ10 is a type of enzyme found throughout the human body that plays a number of roles. These may include proving cells with energy, reducing oxidative stress, and more. While there are certain food-based sources of CoQ10, many of them require excessive consumption in order to reach the recommended dosage of the enzyme, which is why supplementation is sometimes recommended.

Skin Health

The health and appearance of our skin is something that people have cared about for centuries. Back before they understood why doctors and medical professionals knew that the skin was a good window into the health of the rest of the body. A sickly appearance often said a lot about healthy someone is.

CoQ10 is believed to not only have benefits on the skin when taken as an oral supplement but also when applied topically, directly to the skin. The enzyme appears not only to make user’s skin look more youthful and vibrant but may even help protect against skin cancer as some patients, especially prone to developing skin cancer, have been shown to have reduced levels of CoQ10.

Headaches and Mental Energy

While the exact nature of recurrent headaches or migraines is not completely understood, many now believe it likely has something to do with mitochondria. The mitochondria are the “powerhouse” of the cell and are necessary for energy and a number of other mental and physical functions throughout the body. Improperly functioning mitochondria are believed to cause headaches, lack of energy, and other problems. CoQ10 may help with these and other cell-related issues.

Now that you know that CoQ10 is a versatile supplement that you can use to potentially improve your heart health as well as to possibly increase the appearance of your skin, fight cancer, and even increase your athletic performance, you may want to give the supplement a try. Generally, CoQ10 is well-tolerated, but if you are on other medications, have a preexisting condition, or just have a few questions, talk to your doctor before taking anything new, including CoQ10.