3 Fundamental Keys of a Successful Relationship

Many people say that “nothing good comes easy.” Nowhere is this perhaps truer than in relationships. Relationships of any kind take a lot of work to be successful. Fortunately, the secret to what you need to do is simple. All relationships, even romantic ones, need to be built on the same principles. The degree to which you apply these principles will determine the depth and intimacy of your relationships.


You can’t have a relationship without communication. For your relationship to work, you need to understand the other person, and they need to understand you. To achieve this, you need to be open to sharing about yourself and explaining your ideas. At the same time, you need to be listening as the other person does the same.

One of the big problems that relationships face is miscommunication. This occurs when both parties assume that they understand each other, but one or both of them has understood contrary to their counterpart’s intentions. You should never assume that you have correctly understood someone, especially when you are discussing something important. Instead, you should repeat back what you have understood and ask if you have understood correctly.


Although you should be able to depend on another person in a relationship, you shouldn’t become dependent on them either physically or emotionally. If you rely entirely on the other side of the relationship, you’re displaying a lack of self-confidence and you are making life difficult for the other person. This can become incredibly frustrating for the other individual. Domestic violence is unfortunately common, and such relationships tend to happen to those lacking in self confidence. This does not condone domestic violence in any way. But you can avoid dangerous situations by having the self confidence to contribute equally to a relationship and stand up for yourself.


No one is perfect, and since relationships involve two people, relationships are doubly imperfect. Many people are afraid of conflict, so they choose to avoid confronting their partner about perceived wrongs. The problem with this is that they aren’t communicating and resentment and bitterness is going to begin to fester.

A successful relationship requires that individuals can express how they have been hurt by the actions of the other person. After this expression, the expressor needs to forgive the wrongdoer. Often the wrongdoing is just a simple misunderstanding. It is still important to forgive someone for misunderstanding.

How happy you will be in your life has a lot to do with the quality of relationships that you enjoy. These three principles will take a lifetime to cultivate. You’ll improve your relationships dramatically as you actively try to apply them.

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