What You Need to Know About Kratom

Kratom originated from Southeast Asia from a tree named the Mitragyna speciose. The leaves need to be crushed, smoked, taken in kratom capsules, or brewed into tea to have a psychoactive component. 

The opioid epidemic has led a variety of people to try kratom due to its pain-relieving properties. The extract has even been shown to help with the symptoms of withdrawal from opiates and anxiety drugs like Xanax. 

The truth is that many medical professionals are not quite sure how kratom works with the body. There are side effects which are similar to opiates with upset stomach and vomiting being a possibility. Opiates possess far more potential for danger with kratom having a safeguard of making a person vomit before overdose. 

Kratom has been shown to be addictive with people having symptoms of withdrawal when suddenly stopping usage. There is a huge importance placed on the use of kratom in a safe and educated manner. Being able to get off of drugs in a less painful way using kratom can truly change a person’s life. 

Kratom will continue to be studied as it has been used for hundreds of years around the world. Do not discount this as a remedy for pain as it truly can help you manage certain levels of pain.